Why a video game?

For me, a digital artist, INKtober is all about getting back to analog media. 


The point of this project is doing a video game by hand. I wanted a satisfying personal project that mixes traditional & digital mediums. I also wanted to work with a team! 

I would be honored if you would play my game with me. If you play it and have something nice to say, please leave some feedback in the form below! If you have mean things to say, write them on a paper and put it in a jar called "MY NEGATIVITY JAR." We'll get through 2020 together, friend. 

what do you think?
this game made me think:
Chloe B Artistry's INKtober 2020 Trailer

Check out this cool trailer I made! I've watched it over 100 times so I can stay inspired and motivated! 

I used the Stop Motion Studio app, my iPhone camera, and iMovie. Music by Seth Burgett.

Step 1: Idea!

"I want to collaborate on INKtober this year... looking through my network... IDEA!" 

Step 2: Sketches

"I'll just thumbnail this up in my sketchbook. Who is this little acorn? What does he like to do? What's his community like?"


Step 3: Animate

*silently and furiously drawing with an Apple Pencil*

Step 4: Print


*prints drawings onto Bristol smooth paper

Step 5: INK!

"La, la, laaaaa, I love to ink! Oops - just drank my ink water." 

With 2 sizes of pen nibs for outlines/big objects and details/small objects. 

Step 5: Scan


Step 6: Program

"Sounds! Music! Layers! Leaves! Game Loop!... What's a game loop?"

Step 7: Play-test 


Step 8: Launch and Play together

*crying* "GG, y'all." 

(GG is gamer-speak for good game! It's ironic because, well, I made a good game.) 

Iamq  |  Quince Fennell

Programmer extraordinaire. Made all my drawings move and have game logic. 

For collaborations and appreciations:


Waywayhighup  |  Seth Burgett

Musician. Love the music in the game? 

Listen on Seth's bandcamp: 


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