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Why a video game?

INKtober is all about getting back to analog media. 


I made a video game by hand. I wanted a satisfying personal project that mixes traditional & digital mediums. I also wanted to work with a team! 

I would be honored if you would play level 1 of my game with me. If you play it and have something nice to say, message me on the contact page! If you have mean things to say, write them on a paper and put it in a jar called "MY NEGATIVITY JAR." We'll get through the pandemic together, friend. 

Maybe someday we can kickstart the finish to this thing! 

Untitled_Artwork 45.png
Untitled_Artwork 46.png

Check out this cool trailer I made! I've watched it over 100 times so I can stay inspired and motivated! 

I used the Stop Motion Studio app, my iPhone camera, and iMovie. Music by Seth Burgett.

INKtober_Header 2.png

Step 1: Idea!

"I want to collaborate on INKtober this year... looking through my network... IDEA!" 

Step 2: Sketches

"I'll just thumbnail this up in my sketchbook. Who is this little acorn? What does he like to do? What's his community like?"


Step 3: Animate

*silently and furiously drawing with an Apple Pencil*

Step 4: Print


*prints drawings onto Bristol smooth paper

Step 5: INK!

"La, la, laaaaa, I love to ink! Oops - just drank my ink water." 

With 2 sizes of pen nibs for outlines/big objects and details/small objects. 

Step 5: Scan


Step 6: Program

"Sounds! Music! Layers! Leaves! Game Loop!... What's a game loop?"

Step 7: Play-test 


Step 8: Launch and Play together

*crying* "GG, y'all." 

(GG is gamer-speak for good game! It's ironic because, well, I made a good game.) 

INKtober_Header 3.png

Iamq  |  Quince Fennell

Programmer extraordinaire. Made all my drawings move and have game logic. 

For collaborations and appreciations:

Untitled_Artwork 48.jpg

Waywayhighup  |  Seth Burgett

Musician. Love the music in the game? 

Listen on Seth's bandcamp:

INKtober_Header 5.png
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