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Etta Extraodinaire

October 2023
written by Roda Ahmed and Charnaie Gordon 

Meet Etta!

Etta was born to be a shining star. When Etta discovers her school is hosting a talent show, she wants to share her many talents with the world. Even though she has never performed onstage before, all Etta needs to do is make a plan. (Etta always has a plan!)

And in 1, 2, 3, 4 steps, she’s ready for her big performance on the big stage in front of a BIG audience.

Or is she?

Find out how Etta beats her worries, with the help of her loving family, in this joyful story!

"Overall a revisiting of classic flamboyant femmes but with enough interesting details to add freshness."

School Library Journal

"The digital illustrations are sprightly and vivid, filling each page with details to entertain the eyes, while the story will speak to anyone who’s ever been wracked by performance anxiety."

Kirkus Reviews

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Potatoes for Pirate Pearl

P4PP final cover copy_small.jpg
September 2023
written by Jennifer Concepcion

Potatoes for Pirate Pearl is about a pirate who's sick of hardtack biscuits and ends up on Farmer Fay's potato farm.


Accompanied by her parrot Petunia, Pirate Pearl learns how potatoes are planted, grown, and harvested—and discovers they're the perfect provision for her next voyage. 

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"Potatoes for Pirate Pearl is about farming and understanding where our food comes from, but it’s also about unlikely friendships and forming bonds with someone whose perspective is wildly different from our own."

Jennifer Concepcion

the author in School Library Journal

"Burgett’s vibrant, expressive illustrations fully immerse the reader in Pirate Pearl’s world. The images are textured and detailed, showing fully imagined worlds both on land and at sea. Ultimately, this book offers a low-pressure introduction to potato farming and nutrition in a way that is both accessible and enjoyable.


by Publishers Weekly

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Cooler Than Lemonade

cooler than lemonade final cover.webp
March 2023
written by Harshita Jerath

A inspiring story about discovering ideas in unexpected places, never giving up, and finding the perfect recipe for success!


One scorching summer day, Eva comes up with a great idea: a lemonade stand! But when she sees that Jake across the street has his own stand, and he's giving away free cookies, Eva knows she needs another idea to keep people lining up...

When she takes a moment to be creative again and makes a batch of delicious Kulfi ice cream, she discovers fresh inspiration - and a new way to succeed!

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"This story provides a positive characterization of a young girl who is motivated and determined... This book would prove to be a fun read for any aspiring young entrepreneur."

School Library Connection

"The whimsical illustrations highlight Eva’s thought processes, showing how her new ideas snap, sizzle, and sprout. The book is a visual treat ...and the message about persevering is inspiring."


"An immersive read-aloud that will have readers impressed by Eva's perseverance and can-do spirit."

Kirkus Reviews

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Big Bold Beautiful Me

September 2022
written by Jane Yolen & Maddison Stemple-Piatte

Kids will delight in reading Big, Bold, Beautiful Me and find themselves marching along and standing side-by-side protagonists just like them who portray body positivity in a loud, proud, and very fun way.

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"Body positivity shines through a jaunty rhyming text… As the expressive children, one by one, gather to play at a nearby park, readers may well be feeling the cheerful undercurrent of affirmation and support."

Publishers Weekly

"An upbeat, uncomplicated ode to bodies that are big, thick, broad, and boundless... Children celebrate their abundant bodies, from their hair to their feet."

Kirkus Reviews