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I've finished 6 educational books, all over 32 pages. With each book I've learned something new!


Tortuga and the Hare

Follow a party invitation that doubles as a map to meet new friends under Yellow Rock, over Red Mountain, through Green Forest to the party's surprise location. Will Tortuga and Hare be able to overcome one another's differences and make it to the party on time... together? An educational book about friendship inspired by a children's production.

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Turning Red

Learning to Choose Love

An educational book inspired by a play in the Choose Love movement. Little Reed sets out on a journey for revenge, but ends up with something much sweeter - love, and coping strategies for anger! 

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Dog's Job

Get to know Bob, an in-between-gigs dog whose worst fear is being bored. This educational book takes you on his job-search adventure which lands him right back where he started: Phoenix's best friend. 

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Each day for this lonely old man is the same... Until one fateful birthday, a balloon changes everything. Inspired by a one-man-play, this wordless story of friendship and conflict resolution delights readers of every age. 

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