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Big Bold Beautiful Me

September 2022
written by Jane Yolen & Maddison Stemple-Piatte

Kids will delight in reading Big, Bold, Beautiful Me and find themselves marching along and standing side-by-side protagonists just like them who portray body positivity in a loud, proud, and very fun way.

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Cooler than Lemonade:

A Story about Great Ideas and How They Happen

March 2023
written by Harshita Jerath

A inspiring story about discovering ideas in unexpected places, never giving up, and finding the perfect recipe for success!


One scorching summer day, Eva comes up with a great idea: a lemonade stand! But when she sees that Jake across the street has his own stand, and he's giving away free cookies, Eva knows she needs another idea to keep people lining up...

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Potatoes for Pirate Pearl

September 2023
written by Jennifer Concepcion

Potatoes for Pirate Pearl is about a pirate who's sick of hardtack biscuits and ends up on Farmer Fay's potato farm. Accompanied by her parrot Petunia, Pirate Pearl learns how potatoes are planted, grown, and harvested—and discovers they're the perfect provision for her next voyage. 

A to Z Animal Mysteries

Book 1: The Absent Alpacas

written by Kayla Whaley

A to Z Animal Mysteries is a new spin-off of Ron Roy's original A to Z Mysteries series which follows Abigail "Abbi" Wallace and her friends Daniel and Lydia as they track animal facts and solve mysteries that correspond with each letter of the alphabet, starting with the first book, The Absent Alpacas.

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